Since establishing our company in 2012 in Milwaukee, WI, we have been very proud of the fact that we are regarded as a safe space for artists and creatives to share their ideas and dreams with us - an honor we never take lightly. We, as Black creatives, have a responsibility to tell our stories - authentically - while uplifting and inspiring our communities through our work and the way we show up within that community. 
C&B Creative is bigger than just Coco & Butter - our goal is to establish ourselves as a pillar of not just the Milwaukee creative community, but on a global scale. With that, we value being in a position to support and lift up others along the way.
We want people to know that there’s still cool people in the world. We know that finding good people can be a challenge, but we believe that when you’re aligned with your higher purpose and stay the course, you’ll attract your tribe and everything you desire. 
If this sounds like you and you find yourself in need of a team of passionate and skilled Black women to assist you in making your dreams come true, you now know who to call.
Always With Love,
- C&B 
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